Flavor is the one of the untold secrets of the food industry, because it intensifies the taste of food. It is also one of Proaroma’s specialties. Since its foundation, the Company has invested continuously in qualified professionals in order to create, improve, investigate and develop new and exclusive aromas and personalized solutions aligned with the client’s ideas and needs. In other words, regardless of the challenge, if the market wants it, Proaroma makes it.

Supported Products:


Powdered chocolates, flavored waters, soy-based drinks, alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, isotonic sports drinks, powdered drinks, juices and soft drinks.


Candies, gums and chocolates.


Cookies, ready-made cakes and cake mixes, cereals, breads, ready-made fillings and desserts (gelatins, puddings, etc.).


Yogurts, aromatized milk, dairy desserts and ice cream.


Gravies, sauces, ready-made and semi-ready dishes, salted snacks, soups and seasoning for instant noodles.


Animal rations, toys, footwear, cosmetics, paints, lubricants, modeling clay, plastics, etc.

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Fumaric Acid


Gum bases for bubble and chewing gums

Dehydrated fruit juice

Proaroma also manufactures

The Proaroma flavor line is suitable for sweet as well as salted foodstuffs. It also includes reaction or transformation aromas, Guaraná extract, mate and traditional tea extracts, caramel food coloring, turmeric and annatto. Diverse and versatile products with guaranteed quality and credibility in the marketplace.

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