The gum base is one of the most important ingredients in the manufacture of bubble and chewing gums. After much research and experience, Proaroma produces gum bases for bubble and chewing gum with excellence and quality, in diverse shapes and flavors, creating the basis for your success in a planned and professional manner.

Currently, four of every five gum manufacturers have Proaroma as a supplier. With its diverse types of acidic and non-acidic gum bases for gum, the company provides the market with more than just a simple product. It provides an entire technological structure, as well as professional partnering for every phase of new product development: from creation to final production. The best structure for executing great ideas with agility, innovation and precision.

Product Types

Gum bases for:

Bubble gum

Chewing gum

For acidic flavors

For non-acidic flavors

With sugar



Gums that can produce:

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Fumaric Acid


Gum bases for bubble and chewing gums

Dehydrated fruit juice

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