Polpas de Frutas Desidratadas

Dehydrated fruit juice can be used in several products, such as powdered drinks, gelatins, dairy and confectionery products in general, nutraceutical products, snacks, baby foods and others. Proaroma’s dehydrated fruit juices explore all these possibilities.

Proaroma develops the product from 100% natural fruit juice and pulp, which is dehydrated using a Spray Drying system with modern and appropriate equipment. The main advantages of the powder over the liquid are in the control of fungal and bacterial growth, not to mention ease of storage, since the product does not need refrigeration.


Proaroma pulps can be used in:


Confectionery products

Baked goods

Dairy products


Baby Foods


Learn more about each product type

Fumaric Acid


Gum bases for bubble and chewing gums

Dehydrated fruit juice

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