Proaroma’s history is directly tied to the evolution and improvement of the food industry. Since its founding in 1965, the company has always occupied a prominent position in its sector, anticipating trends, cultivating partnerships and developing innovative products of international quality.

  • 1965

    There is a new flavor in the air

    Proaroma begins its activities in the flavor production market, on 1,000 m² of land, and a construction area of 300 m², located in the district of Vila Santa Catarina, in São Paulo.

  • 1970

    Strengthening the base and conquering markets

    With an eye on the future and in search of new venues of operation, Proaroma inaugurates its gum base production line for bubble and chewing gums and begins to supply local companies.

  • 1978

    Expanding horizons and possibilities

    Proaroma moves to the city of Diadema, on 8,000 m² of land with 1,500 m² of construction area. With its new address, 50 km from the country’s main port (Santos), the company begins to think of the foreign market.

  • 1982

    Adding a dash more acid to business

    Proaroma’s products gain even more versatility with the beginning of food-grade fumaric acid production. Investing in new ideas, the company continues to increase its market share.

  • 1984

    Thinking big and going far

    In order to meet the growing demand for fumaric acid, Proaroma invests in the automation of its lines. At the same time, it begins an export business, which now reaches every continent.

  • 1997

    More productivity and more technology

    Always with an eye on the latest market novelties and trends, Proaroma invests in the production of flavors, increasing its production capacity and purchasing the first Spray Dryer.

  • 2002

    9001 reasons to celebrate

    Always ahead of its time, Proaroma is one of the first food companies to get ISO 9001 certification.

  • 2008

    A structure to be proud of

    Proaroma goes through a restructuring process to a more active and modern management, aimed at optimized and sustainable growth, but without forgetting its roots in ethics and conservation of the environment.

  • 2011

    The family grows and the market rewards

    Seeking growth in new markets, Proaroma invests in a line of salt food flavors and seasonings, expanding its portfolio with new flavors. Snack, soup and food service clients liked the novelties.

  • Today

    Always investing well to earn more

    With an eye in the future, Proaroma invests in the automated manufacturing of gum base for bubble and chewing gum. Incorporating improvements to exceed its clients’ needs.


Meet all expectations

Arouse pride in working for Proaroma

Total quality
Prioritize quality in every service and product

Guarantee total satisfaction in the partnership with Proaroma


A solid and profitable company

Recognized for the high quality of its products and the services provided.

Food Security
Products used with total security for end users.

Human Resources
Employees proud to work at Proaroma


Customer satisfaction

Partner success

Employee motivation


Technical Knowledge


Proaroma’s Quality Policy aims at guaranteeing the best practices in the creation, development, manufacturing and distribution of certified products with high market recognition.

We are committed to:

1. Improve the quality of our work

2. Work with good manufacturing practices

3. Meet our clients’ expectations

4. Keep ISO 9001 certification

5. Comply with all BPF activities

6. Understand client needs

7. Have good suppliers


Besides covering the entire country, Proaroma also does good business in other regions of the world.


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