This is one of Proaroma’s main ingredients for success. Its products supply national and international markets with a high standard of quality, developing creative solutions, notable flavors and exclusive flavors for the food and beverage industry. With continuous investments in equipment, research, development, improvements and rigorous technical and scientific training of its professionals, the company maintains its leadership in the market, continuously gaining the confidence of clients and appealing to the tastes of consumers.

Fumaric Acid

The most delicious and tasty beverages and dessert recipes use Proaroma’s fumaric acid with proven quality. A food grade product that meets international norms and can be used in several applications. Ideal acidity within the reach of the most innovative ideas in the market.


Sweet or salty? Extract or dehydrated juice? Proaroma has a complete line of aromas created especially to sharpen the senses, enhance flavors and create a new experience. Quality products that open several possibilities for the food industry.

Gum bases for bubble and chewing gum

Bubble gum or chewing gum? Proaroma develops and produces gum bases for bubble and chewing gums to meet its clients’ different tastes, ideas and needs. The best gum bases for a mouth-watering product for a public always awaiting novelties.

Dehydrated fruit juice

Proaroma’s dehydrated fruit juices are 100% natural, enriching its clients’ products. Real fruit flavor developed with cutting edge equipment and technology.

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